Rough what’s going on i’m good man i’m good you know it’s grabbing a little lunch doing some work at the same time gotta get some air pods the ones i haven’t really working properly so i got to switch it up yeah the regular ones are pros i’m going to get the pros  i had the regular ones so i’m going to try the pros this time so much more money too but is what it is yeah you’re the one that inspired me to get it actually i’ve been checking it out online best buy has it here it even comes with like a silicone case it’s good for the phone too like i hate holding the phone to my air yeah so it’s perfect got to keep working and uh see where all this see where all this goes in the next couple months or next year so it’s gonna be an interesting time you know every now and then what i do is i just i just watch my videos right to to see where i can improve like if you look at these here like these corey answer videos right this is like when we just started canadian mortgage housing corporation guarantees the bank their funds in the case that you default and there’s going to be a premium for cmhc that you’ll have to paint  we were just kind of experimenting with the whole process at the time right this was the first listing video that we did right uh yeah saint catholic and most of all the qew and niagara falls for all of your entertainment so you know people could watch it on their own time but it’s one of my favorites to be honest because it’s the first listing video that we actually did but yeah one of my favorites was that because it’s the first one right right yeah the lighting on this one was perfect i think um even with the white on the side there yeah it was nice that electrical cord i didn’t see it either then this is our second listing circle located in beautiful milton ontario  our latest listing is approximately 1900 square feet featuring three bedrooms so that one was pretty interesting but what you’ll realize is you’ll realize that our views went up as well the other thing we did is we just started adding thumbnails but we got more realistic with it and that’s why i call it real life real estate we did the video of the agents at the brokerage it’s small everyone knows everybody we all interact we share all of our goals what we’re currently doing what we’re gonna do nobody holds any punches here what i like about the brokerage is just the fact that you know regardless of your experience level or what you bring to the table everyone is very open-minded that was actually a neat video love this video even even the the background music too and then we did the we started doing the little short clips um there’s a christmas party that was great as well shows the interaction of the agents at our brokerage it shows the family environment at our brokerage and that’s kind of that’s exactly what i wanted to portray you know we sell houses we do real estate but the end of the day we’re still a family the end of the day we take other families into consideration so that’s really what i really wanted to portray in that video and it came across really well i’ll be honest favorite listing video 40 of a place i don’t know why we live in the beautiful city of brampton here we have a freehold townhome it was just smooth like music everything soon and this didn’t even take long we did this in like less than an hour and the house was beautiful as well and then uh from there you know we started with the real life real estate stuff with like the golf for example so right now i just showed a property up here in brampton we’re at turnberry golf course here at uh boulevard in the 401. i just said boulevard in the 401 yeah those two don’t even meet i should probably put the the correction yeah it’s all good though it’s not a big deal nobody knows you only know right now because i’m telling you this one we had the listings in hamilton that that was with our clients heaven that one was amazing as well i like those days man those days were amazing and it was beautiful out too and like we were discussing today like as we look at the progress we’re always trying to make you know changes and make a difference in what we’re doing so my favorite video to date though is no place like toronto that’s my favorite video today i even like it better in the lamborghini video i think that used to be my favorite i even like the jamaica video too that one’s actually pretty crazy it’s a tough battle but those three you know what they’re all good videos for people who want to upload on youtube trial and error man trial and error i’m no youtube specialist i just want to get information out to people i just want to let people see the journey that we’re going through the process that we’re going through as a realtor as a broker as a broker of record as a broker owner as someone who owns a company as an entrepreneur right like i just want people to follow us on that journey which which is most important part right as for advice just keep posting videos as much as you can and then you’re gonna be able to look at you know where you gotta improve and watch your videos if you’re posting you have to watch your videos like you have to actually watch the content that’s going out there and observe it and be able to you know criticize what you’re doing i always look at my content to see where i can improve i always look at my content to see hey rap what if we shoot this way what if we shoot that way and then i got you to give me advice as well too right i think the package and the team just works out it’s like a match made in heaven the end of the day child there man just keep just keep posting just keep doing videos and you know just don’t stop i have to be able to watch that video three four or five times and then i’ll be like okay this is perfect let’s put it out like how many times i said raph we need to change this we need to change that we need because you know there’s just certain things i look for sometimes i even get all the thumbs down and just say where all this come from like i remember when i posted a video i got a couple negative comments or thumbs down even with a post on instagram or whatever and i’m just like i took it personally and i’m like oh my gosh like did i do something wrong or why does this person hate me and then i realize i don’t take it personally i don’t even know who it is who cares they watched it right they might see me on the road and oh that’s the guy yeah that’s the guy come talk to me so you know um i like watching my videos if you like watching my videos feel free to subscribe feel free to like comment if you have any real estate questions and uh peace out

We’ve come a long way I CORY MCNAUGHT

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