Just came from the barber got myself a new fresh cut but i want to you know just recap a little bit on what we’ve been doing on the previous you guys saw what showings are like we went to hamilton did a couple showings there we also went to burlington we did a couple of showings there as well clients were able to come out take a look at the property see what they like see what they didn’t like um the hamilton client ended up purchasing a property which was amazing another thing that we did was uh we showed our um good friend nikki some properties out in burlington that went very well we saw i believe was two properties that day um she did like the fact that one of them had a basement apartment because this would obviously be for investment purposes we actually took a drive around the area just to see what else was around there beautiful area had a lot of high-end homes around there it’s it’s a it’s an area where everyone’s revitalizing their homes some homes have defects that need to be rectified some homes are pretty much good to go right off the jump and it all depends like one guy might want three bedrooms another person might want four one might even be satisfied with a two bedroom home i’m very straight up with my clients if i know it’s something that sounds impossible i let them know there’s absolutely there’s actually no way that you’re gonna get that um but i do break down options for them of what they can get you may be able to get a three-bedroom home instead of four bedrooms and still have that ensuite for the budget that you’re looking in um and the walk-in closet you just have to subtract the bedroom maybe you get something with the finished basement instead that has three bedrooms upstairs instead of four then you have one extra bedroom in the basement so you’ll see it in my videos from like last year probably two years ago the first step is a mortgage pre-approval or pre-qualification letting you know how much you can afford because until you know your your affordability power or your buying power it’s pointless to look at a property i agree i wish i had you 10 years ago i wish i had you 10 years ago she’s a good interviewer that was good it’s pretty freaking good okay

Vlog Recap I Cory McNaught

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