yeah he just pulled up at least i’ll have a haircut for the next one let’s do this what we’re going to do is we’re just going to recap working out doing my thing one thing i like to do is i like to work out every second morning it keeps me positive it keeps me going and it keeps me pumped can’t really go wrong with a workout it’s good for the body it keeps you healthy the trainer is jonathan i call him crunch he guides you as you’re training so you don’t hurt yourself i know a lot of trainers out there or a lot of gyms that you go to they have trainers but people usually end up getting hurt which is something you don’t want to do while working out jonathan is very meticulous in the way that he trains he is very energetic and he’s very motivating so when i’m training and i have someone like that pushing me and motivating me it makes you go the extra mile while you’re training the lambo video that’s what we call it that was actually my birthday week we had a blast that week we ended up going to servicer we picked up our three suits that we ordered we also got some alterations done that was amazing we went to yorkville after hung out for a bit with uh rico aka ricardo who works at servicer who designed the suits for us as well and then we have what we call the haunted house it’s not actually a haunted house we call it a haunted house because it needs so much work this house is going to be a complete gut job as you guys saw in the video everything needs to be done in this property from top to bottom we’re talking roof we’re talking windows we’re talking basements we’re talking floors we’re talking exterior we’re talking brick work we’re talking everything on this property we have a lot invested in this right now there’s a lot on the line for this property so it has to turn out the way that the owner needs it to turn out for the next uh couple of vlogs that we’re going to be doing you’re going to see another investment property located in hamilton this one’s going to be not as crazy as the haunted house but it’s still still some work that needs to be done there we are going to be showing you the inside to me firing my videographer i only fired him for like a second because i can’t live without this guy however after that we hit golf for the end of the season that was the last game for the season with the boys and we had a blast so stay tuned and if this doesn’t look good i’ll do it over again

THE RECAP I Cory McNaught

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