Has a lot of potential a ton of potential so this would be probably another bedroom or i don’t know i guess it would be a bedroom so you have two rooms at the front those could be bedrooms then you have the living room then you have the kitchen the bathroom this could be like a master all right we got lights we got a lot of lights we’re good to go okay so here’s your basement but the key is open it up a couple room nice kitchen nice bathroom this will go for 2800 bucks all day long kitchen’s in the back over here you got an old school cassette you have a old school refrigerator this is like only god knows how old this thing is um and you got old school gas stove and all this crazy stuff oh yeah you got a random pipe in the middle of nowhere it says unfinished portion of the basement all right again brick foundation so what we will do we’re going to go outside we’re going to get some fresh air watch out for the dead body behind you she wants it to be super super super duper posh on those two floors to see if you can make you know toronto home style magazine or one of those things that’s the goal so  what do you think andrea a lot of work but um people who know what they’re doing to them it’s not a lot of things yeah sony how’s it going good hi how are and this is raphael great have to go with you nice to see you guys so this room over here did i say while i’m at seaweed this ceiling is actually higher than that one which is a good look high skins is going to make it look bigger you just keep it brighter in here 100 all right um what we got to check is what walls are structure and what was it not structural because you’ve got a gas line here so i’m guessing you don’t put a gas line in the bathroom right so it’s probably a kitchen yeah we’d have to figure out i mean all these walls feel structural to me [Laughter] oh this is a bathroom right here okay so it’s like that it’s huge yeah um just i don’t know why there’s so many cabinets here yeah rip all that down for sure there’s a bedroom right here so this could probably be like a semi-ensuite type of thing i would just like break this wall and make this bathroom okay and make it more better so uh the idea is to kind of maintain the historical aspect of the house um so that the resale value is also really good yeah and that the um future buyers and renters would appreciate it and it’s always a great conversational piece the idea is to first tear down this entire wall open it all up maintain these large windows yeah maintain the large windows hand sanitizer but there’s there’s two doors on the side there’s that one this is the exciting part of the house this is so right now we’re in uh this house it used to be the toronto western hospital um it’s uh three stories plus a basement right now we are standing in one of the living rooms on the second floor original wood fireplace they blocked it up but there’s another one downstairs as well this house is just full of character stained glass um you name it it has it it’s it’s full of surprises we’re probably going to be doing a full renovation on this property we’re gonna be managing the project it’s um it’s it’s actually really exciting like original hardwood floors ah this isn’t even drywall like it’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna be an experience and adventure for us just look at how the how yeah and right here is the kitchen the kitchen yeah really yeah and then open this up this is the master suite section yeah now here’s what’s going to be important oh we’re good just don’t slip and fall but shannon this guy has yes but look how far back his main house oh he has a distance i get what you’re saying i get what you’re saying it’s like minimums and maximums in the building code right  you

THE HAUNTED HOUSE Toronto Century Home I Cory McNaught

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