Weather’s nice it’s bright out it’s a beautiful sunday morning perfect day for shores so beautiful sunday morning uh perfect day for some showings gonna head up to a property in kaladin today uh it’s 1.8 million detached bungalow sitting on five acres renovated with three bedrooms four bathrooms two fireplaces i believe it also has a separate entrance and a workshop as well as a powered workshop workshop’s like a separate building with power which is great it’s like another house calvin’s been blowing up recently actually matter of fact everywhere in toronto blowing up recently which is nuts the last 20 years yeah but now it’s blowing up more than ever um they’re saying uh that the average sale price in toronto they’re predicting that it will hit a million dollars this year the averag sale price that’s crazy that’s nuts that means that in order to get anything in this place you gotta have at least you know probably like seven eight hundred grand you know so we’re going to meet a client one of my good clients also good friend of mine his name is lac we’re gonna be meeting him today known life for probably like 11 years now inviting me to his wedding inviting me to his sister’s wedding been married i wanna say maybe two to three years now but again it breaks down to building relationships versus making money right after knowing him for for this long you know we’ve done some business here and there but first and foremost i believe we’re friends above everything else right like i said eventually the money follows you just got to keep doing what you got to do i know you guys haven’t seen me on a showing in a long time this is actually my first showing of 2021 because i don’t really do a lot of showings anymore but this one i prefer to do myself let’s see what happens we are going to see what happens [Music] today we’re going into the boonies not really a boonies i mean eventually all this is gonna be get built up at some point okay so i just heard this the other day i don’t know if it’s true but i’m pretty sure it is based on where i heard it from i heard that horse meat is illegal in ontario i did not know that i’ll fact check it out but i heard that yeah like you can raise horses but you’re not allowed to solve a meat and eat it well i mean no one in north america eats horse meat anyway oh you’ll be surprised i ate rabbit the other day delicious i also ate wild boar that was great but no the rabbit was good though i’ll be honest man[Music] we’re here at this property five acres we’re gonna take a quick look we’re gonna actually see if these guys actually let us bring a camera in there let’s find out i wonder if anyone’s here i don’t see a doorbell anywhere i don’t think anyone’s home never be afraid to make a phone call hi i have an appointment at two zero zero three zero here ontario it says go direct but i don’t think anyone’s at home okay awesome sounds great she’s gonna call and let me know so we just have to wait oh this might be him right here yeah i knocked on the door and no one opened so i’m just kind of waiting outside to see what happens we’re about 20 minutes early so if you can hang in there i’m gonna try calling him before the water starts turning okay no problem yeah we’ll wait around for a little bit i’ll wait to hear back from you okay talk to you soon yes now we’re coming i’m just bringing the drone down okay so this is it yep this is it tenanted it’s a serious system all right remember that honestly it’s not that bad it’s just it’s just cluttered washroom dries down there unfinished but i mean if you’re going to tear it down doesn’t matter anyway exactly okay sounds good all right i appreciate it thank you so much awesome another place that’s nice is mono beautiful properties but you don’t consider that as one like you consider it um they call it mono but it’s still pretty much it’s still different right yeah it’s still at dufferin county area uh i have a i have a colleague down there that does montreal oh yeah so there’s something in montreal we could deal 250 where uh a drone okay yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s crazy bro what so we just checked out this property um in calvin it looks pretty decent it’s a tear down but we’ll see how it goes now we’re gonna go grab some food and uh fill our stomachs people to go on your waiting list can i go on your waiting list hi can i make a reservation or um go on the waiting list awesome that’d be great corey c-o-r-y all right so we’re on all three waiting lists so uh it’s my good friend lack also a very good client of mine as well no lack for what like 10 years yeah no lag for about 10 years uh just like the last video building relationships versus making money you always have to build the relationship that’s the most important part so we’re going to go to montana’s we’re going to grab some food um they’re probably not going to let us inside the cameras but let’s see what happens 

Old Friends New Money I Cory McNaught

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