So right now i just showed a property up here in brampton we’re at turnberry golf course here at uh boulevard in the 401 i’m gonna jump in the car my clients are really interested in this property so i’m gonna jump in the car i’m gonna type this offer up real quick we’ll send it off to the agent um it’s probably going to take me about 10 minutes to type it up and hopefully get this property my agents are my my clients are really excited they’re really excited about this property right now so in the car here to be honest all i need to type up on offer is my laptop and my bluetooth and i’m good to go so nothing stops us from putting this offer together right now so um i mean the car could be my office right so you know got the computer here new macbook pro just got this not too long ago offers pretty much almost type top got it connected to the phone and you know this is the work vehicle this is the workhorse here so we use this to work get around town do whatever we got to do and make sure our clients are satisfied at the same time i think what’s attractive is the fact that it’s a firm deal what’s also the traffic what’s also attractive is the fact that um you know like the price is good all right i’ll keep you posted i talked a bit so right now we’re at the driving range in brampton as you can see the lineup is crazy to get into here in order to get inside you also need to have your mask with you so basically the whole process you go in you buy some balls and you start hitting them um it’s kind of a way to practice your shot nothing crazy but if you’re a new golfer i guess like myself it’s a good way to learn pretty excited to do this i’ve been doing this for like the last four days in a row actually at the course still not just a driving range so i have a game tomorrow seven and i want to just want to kind of get a couple hits in their practice and see how it goes that’s a lot of balls all right let’s do this so we’re gonna hit from the grass follow me first time for everything the thing i like about golf is you’re always challenging yourself and if you’re competitive motivated you know always looking for that that next thing to do and want to get better at your game golf gives you that discipline to get better anything you want to do because again you’re literally always challenging yourself at doing something different or getting a better swing or winning that game  so put these away for another day  grab a couple tees honestly competition is good and all but realistically just want to have fun that’s what it’s about have as much fun as possible enjoy what you do not good it didn’t really go far let’s put it like that that was beautiful [Applause] another good hit so last time we spoke or last time you heard me do a video i think was around the time when the coronavirus came out and kind of wanted everyone to know that we’re still in business  now we’re back at it again  i kind of miss you guys  let me do the swing right now it’s gonna be my last swing for the day i have to make it good so yeah last time we spoke we spoke about the coronavirus um still going on still a lot of things up in the air but we’re going into phase three which is great it’s good for business and um honestly this is how i spend my day so until next time when you guys see me selling some more houses hopefully this offer we did tonight works but um i got this game tomorrow seven it’s gonna be great but after that we’re back to the office so see you guys another time

Offers and Golf I Cory McNaught

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