Right well this house is a mess oh my gosh but it’s all good it’s about to get out of here show you guys that property in hamilton that’s being worked on you guys are gonna probably be surprised when you see it i already gave you guys a recap we’re gonna stop nikki’s house so we’re gonna do that as well it should be an all right day i’ll be santa claus today so it is somebody call me santa  cold out here bro oh my gosh this weather’s not a joke you know the crazy part  what i get where’d my wife geti actually got um i got myself a gimbal got myself some shoes what else i get the kids bought me this all my vitamins because they know that i need it honestly i was sound classy cereal put it like that i was like the real sound of classes here yeah the kids got a lot of gifts camilla got a lot of gifts like crazy as well it was a good christmas i must say nice and quiet relaxing which was great as well yeah man i really i really enjoyed it it was it was something and it wasn’t super long it wasn’t dragged out it was just perfect it came and it went next i thought i almost forgot this thing this is a lockbox we’re gonna throw the key in here so we could put this baby up for sale so this is the property you guys saw last time last time you guys saw it the weather was also a lot nicer let’s check it out what are you saying bro oh man kennelworth we’re back it’s done got the tiling going on here kitchen countertop looks fresh i don’t know if you guys remember the pot lights that were here before but they’re halogen this is like led it’s like the new thing everyone’s using now which is pretty nice this area is like completely different washer and dryer used to be on this side i think we’re moving to this side or something not sure what’s going on but still got to finish up this area all right let’s see what this upstairs do see what it looks like watch your step here not sure what’s going on this guy’s house is  falling apart oh my gosh  actually looks pretty good not too bad famous pot lights ceiling not bad  say about 1500 bucks all day got a little bit of storage in there so this is where the kitchen is obviously the kitchen is being redone right now as you can see and same story this bathroom that hasn’t really been touched just needs to be cleaned up that’s about it gotta clean it before you list it baby all right let’s lock this bad boy up  it is cold out here so we’re gonna put these keys back in the lock box then we’re gonna head to milton holy smoke it’s crazy i should start doing funny stuff in my video like whoa like that oh my gosh we’re gonna give this um bottle to our good friend client nikki just a little token of our appreciation for uh what she’s done for mcnaught real estate for 20 20. all right let’s see how this goes i mean i didn’t write anything in this on this bottle though hope she likes it oh yeah hey nikki how’s it going oh great how are you i’m good i’m good i’m good merry christmas merry christmas happy new year happy holidays this is a little bottle to show our appreciation hope that you enjoy it kind no problem any time any time thank you so much fast thank you i hope you enjoy the holidays how was your christmas pretty good pretty good you know awesome nice girls that’s it my dog’s shaking it’s probably cold out so i’m gonna let you go happy new year thank you so much appreciate it same to you and we will talk okay for sure all right bye got this gift card for shopper drug mart got was to have like 150 on it i got it for christmas shout out to greg now  oh lineup it’s not that bad though right now we’re trying to get in the shoppers to do some last minute shopping before this trip unfortunately we got to wait and align them so so we’re waiting in the lineup the trick is you buy all your stuff or gather it all together and you pay for it at the pharmacy that way you’ll have to wait in the line at the front of the store oh they have the grief for men in a spray i use this one bro is it wicked it’s sick does it use it leave any yellow no it’s clean because i use this one this one leaves yellow don’t do that what is revolutionary yeah i’m buying this right now i’m getting like five of these though to need a cart okay off okay so we got a couple options here the travel section is kind of heavy still yeah trap yo when you travel bro you gotta know some things man yeah and everything’s smaller packs i’ll leave any mouthwash any mouthwash sunscreen i got hey i need mouthwash but not travel size i drop some good all this stuff from good next it’s crazy how people walk behind cars even though it’s moving i’m not sure if that’s the smartest thing to do in life but ah people do it every day all right we’re gonna go do our thing gracie you guys um we’re out


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