Didn’t even start yet  you know how that goes yeah i know the drill bro we’re gonna try and up a little bit of weight on this barbell squat all right i know we will yes and we’re gonna lunge at the end as well all right we can’t forget about the can’t they’re growing so all right down on the pump stretch up the hamstrings we’re out in the beak i remember this stretch the first time you weren’t getting as much finger on your toes all right all right are we lying down or on my back you’re lying down and then i’m getting the leg extensions on this one one more hold the three at the top three two one drop flat though i could feel the difference with the food though way more energy more gas yeah that feels better big muscle big contractions  your contraction should start from the  bottom exactly so the reason why the box was there that helped to identify that 90 degree or the parallel spot but where to stop before we launch back up with the bottle right now a lot of people hurt their lower back and knees because they don’t know where to stop they have this asthma grasp mentality  when it comes to squatting so now that the benches are going to be there i want us to remember   why am i inflicting pain on myself you know yes it’ll be worth i can’t sit it how many people follow 30-day programs and 60-day programs but because the paper said 12 yeah they’re like i expect to look like superman now hundred percent well if that 12 would make you work hard you should have been able to do another 12 until you felt like you had to earn those two feel the resistance yeah bro don’t know last one oh my gosh this is how you stay in shape bro this is crazy more down this is crazy horrible how about you but there’s a goal that we’re trying to accomplish here i won’t get anything without hard work gotta put in that work the beautiful thing is if you can do this at nine o’clock in the morning anything else for the rest of the day is one easy easy easy money easy  yo trust me bro it’s like when you’re doing those push-ups he needs to come for a chest oh yeah bro oh gosh that’ll be late this man is doing the one-handed push-ups and you got a high-fiving while you’re pushing up it’s crazy  bro those are fun too those are beautiful you think everything is fun the squats you’re using your core don’t even realize it yeah and that push back thing yeah because now you have to resist it exactly exactly so really i think all of that can i have an update i say no you know how much you’re really huh an abdic yeah like a quarter yeah i said well look how much we’re using your core when we do the push back when you’re doing barbell squats your car is being worked automatically automatically automatically all right let’s get that bar up yeah it feels like cardio yeah yeah heart rate starts getting high holy your legs are shaking and done maybe 20 minutes ago so this was the games right here this was the to push overboard yeah but this overboard is where people really find themselves right sure you say the word overboard think about jumping overboard nobody knows better figure it out you better figure out why you’re in the air else forget it over here you got the amg gt you got all the fly whips out here you know where the boys at though if you have an exotic or you have some sort of expensive vehicle come talk to this guy yo this is paul what’s up owner of autobahn performance oh this is paul this is paul yo he’s a big dog a big dog right here need a car repair do you come talk to this guy talk to this guy or darren i’m good man i’m good bro i’ll see you on friday oh bro you heard me this guy is crazy he’s crazy but i feel good you know you’re going to require 300 grams of meat oh yeah i already require that every half an hour so you’re going to live an extra 10 years and if i stop working out i’m screwed see you on friday if i could make it down the stairs without my legs buckling oh man oh gosh that was crazy just finished a workout at crunch fitness about to head to the office now oh man what a workout today was leg day didn’t like leg day before but i think it’s one of my favorite days now so get at me like days where it’s at but um great workout one hour nine in the morning get your day going once you finish this workout you can take on the world so we’re gonna go back to the house shower up go to the office and get it popping that’s what we’re about today


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