So after this we’re going to head over to sureway just trying to get some work done asap so i could go grab some lunch i know my desk is a mess right now but when you’re working in full time in full mode that’s just how it goes i got checks everywhere i got papers everywhere i got to shred some of this stuff practicing my putting earlier so just to give you guys an idea we try to get everything done while we’re at the office because i mean this is where we spend most of our time right gotta print a couple stuff as well got a million laptops going out of time some for marketing some for actual work some specific right now i’m i have the software and just i need the software specifically to cut checks so right now that’s what this software is i mean come on come on you really gotta ask me that question of course they’re big checks what did i write down you remember you wrote that it’s not you you wrote down on the board oh yeah and the phrase was like it’s not the fear was it that it was clear something to the effect of that taste that you taste when you first get that deal is as dangerous as it is when you don’t have the deal yeah that’s right so crazy i didn’t understand it at first i’m like hold on a second that’s so negative and then now when you get your one check and you will know where anything else is coming from you don’t have no prospects that’s right and this big deal is all you have right now yeah yo i said oh crap now i understood what that meant yeah that was so crazy yeah because that check feels so good that if you’re not careful can make you sit down yep right and not do anything and that’s where it becomes it’s that dangerous to get that big check because if you feel like that you’re never going to get that big check again exactly when i get that check i want more of it yeah i it’s it’s like kind of like a fiend you just want more you just you just keep feeding for it you just you need that you need that next that next height you know what next you need that next phase you gotta get to that next level yeah right where you know some people they get a check and they just sit down they don’t do anything but again it breaks down to that motivation because everyone has a different motivation all right right now we’re gonna head over to joey’s go for it i’m gonna go home first uh change up and i’ll put on some you know restaurant gear and uh  i’m actually debating right now if i should do a twilight do a nine hole trust me it is so tempting and the thing is if i call mike i’m sure he’ll say yes because he said he’s addicted exactly he already asked me if i want to go tonight also not trying to get in trouble with the wifey either i have to run it by her first um so what i’m thinking to do i don’t know if it makes sense this is what i’m thinking i want to hear this honestly eight percent doesn’t matter what you’re doing that’s good it doesn’t matter what you’re doing i want one so i told her i’m like yo get me one because she’s like i can get you 75k no credit check no nothing i said all right no no income verification oh that’s that’s sweet you can’t go wrong with that and i’ll just i’ll probably just take it and run a couple medals and see the real talk yeah like why am i gonna spend my money doesn’t make sense yeah or maybe money in your pocket leverage it a little bit more leverage exactly it’s a good idea yeah yeah joey’s sure joey’s at sure wave is the spot that’s who you got to be i’ll let you pick this instead of the uh scatter bush yeah do scatter bush next time no cheese no onions no cheese no pickles no cheese no onions oh perfect thank you so much awesome you weren’t there we’re going to edit don’t worry so we’re going to do the candidates we’re going to do the cancellation go for the containment container sure how many glasses do we need for that who’s having wine yeah let’s do five nice i’m telling you in a slow down um offense yeah in a half court set there were like giannis has nothing he’s better in the in an open court where he can where he gets slapped when you slow it’s over it’s over middleton he’s not the guy can we talk about golf i’m joking guys cheers cheers to um so we’re just at joey’s right now you know me and the crew we did a quick nine hole this morning um then i went did some work went to the chiropractor got my adjustment and we’re just out here vibing what is it like six o’clock almost seven you know thursday evening corporate friday now we’re just chilling corporate friday is that what is that corporate friday that’s what it is friday to be honest there was a lot of a lot of traffic over there so to speak so i let it slide but it’s okay can’t wait timing is everything.

Making work fun I Cory McNaught

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