yep i know exactly what my role is sell houses i like that making money baby that is really the only role i care for  api talking to like so it’s it’s not that simple and if he doesn’t have any experience doing it he’s gonna have some difficulty okay yeah oh shoot [Laughter] oh shoot shannon let me call you back in a second all right bro they’re not stapled you know they’re  just paper clip let me make sure i said let me make sure i have all of them how much should you give me do you remember okay all right so you read it out to me and i’ll let you know  if i have it  all right malcolm thorpe we’re we’re we’re blow away proof this time all right all right bro appreciate it oh my goodness that was hilarious walk out of here and all these papers just blow away like it’s nobody’s business i don’t even know where that other one went but it’s good it’s a good thing it’s not money  and i think i had such a good year primarily because that was my motivation i didn’t want to think about i said i’ll  all i can do right now is work work work work work work work sell sell sell sell sell move houses move houses move houses just to get my mind off of it bro the end of the day when i’m sitting there by myself all i’m thinking is what’s my future going to be bro these are key details where when someone gets a whiff of it it’s like well i worked hard at real estate i’ve been in this business for 13 years so now you see this i’ve worked 13 years for this bro it’s not like it just came about or overnight success and i went through a lot for this stuff man so that’s kind of what i want to try to put out there to the people i just got to be very careful how i do it and i think it’s also going to break down to timing that’s the key the key the key thing but i i think i got something big i’ll be honest i got something big so we’re at henry’s and bond we’re going to take a look at a couple of cameras that they have inside i’m gonna start uh holding the camera myself while i’m vlogging honestly i might get rid of my camera guy we’re gonna see how that goes i’m still kind of debating right now but um a couple cameras i’m looking at i want to start giving you guys some more insight into what i’m doing on a daily basis and we’re going to take it from there  let’s go in there and see what happens all right how’s it going oh not a problem we gotta sanitize our hands because at the times that we’re currently in there’s also the a600 okay so i’m not sure what i need can i take a look at both we don’t have them on display unfortunately okay um i don’t think let me double check the stock awesome pretty new model so you don’t really have any stock okay i want to take to order that yeah i could get this after for now i can grab something like this yeah and that’s what you’re saying okay so this that sigma 6600 okay so now let’s see how long it’s going to take us to get to henry’s at heartland cory my question is can i borrow this camera folks let me know when bro just leave me with something seriously this particular lens he gave you is not what he talked about but the prime that i was telling you about like the times that’s how it works the one i’m using right now is prime right when it has one number so the other one i just tried is wider than this one yeah the other one is even wider and uh yeah just my computer is being really crazy no worries no worries awesome peter thank you so much i appreciate it anytime you have a question just come on by okay awesome i’ll see you soon take care all right i’m excited let’s bought me a camera you’re good to go i’m excited i don’t have to pay raph  anymore


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