Our brokerage is really close-knit its small everyone knows everybody we all interact we share all of our goals what we’re currently doing what we’re gonna do nobody holds any punches here what I like about the brokerage is just the fact that you know regardless of your experience level or what you bring to the table everyone is very open-minded and just willing to share ideas anytime I need any assistance there’s always somebody to help me like a family here as we say in my language we good people here that’s the best thing I like about this brokerage it feels amazing to come into the office on a daily basis everybody’s helpful we’re part of a big team even though we’re entrepreneurs it gave me more Drive you know to go out there and get it done taught me some ins and outs you know very good environment to work that I’m not real estate we celebrate each other’s wins the main goal at the end of the day is for each agent in our brokerage to succeed once surrounded with like-minded individuals the possibilities are endless and may not real estate the sky’s the limit. 

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