Man it’s a beautiful sunday morning about to head to uh hamilton niagara right after we’re just gonna show a couple properties which i don’t do very often but for some clients you know they want to specifically deal with you so i’m gonna go show some properties out there then look at an investment property in niagara and it’s gonna be a great day might even have a little surprise for you guys we’ll see how it goes all right let’s get her done i think in this business if you want to get business you need to know a lot of people or you need to be able to meet a lot of people if you don’t get out there and meet people your business is as good as debt so i think one reason or one thing that makes me successful in this business cameraman don’t have a seat belt on that’s okay um so one thing that i believe makes me successful in this business is i know a ton of people and not only that a ton of people also know and recognize that i do real estate so if you’re trying to get into the business it’s only beneficial that you know a lot of people but the kicker is also they have to know what you do you have a lot of people who are secret agents they’re basically realtors but no one knows their realtors because they don’t tell anyone that they’re realtors they don’t give out their business cards or hand out their business cards i feel like um it could be because they’re shy it could be they’re afraid to let people know what they do it could be they don’t have a now they don’t it could it could be they don’t have enough knowledge in the business that they’re doing themselves so they’re afraid to take that risk of being asked questions and unable to answer those questions now here’s what i tell our realtors that are part of midnight real estate it’s okay if you don’t know all the answers you’re never gonna know all the answers i still get questions today or i don’t know the answers but um my best answer to that client is you know what i’m not 100 sure however let me look into that and get back to you and then you just have to look into  and get back which is that simple like you’re not you’re not god you’re not a magician you’re not going to know everything so it’s always best that you get the proper information or get the correct information and then bring it back to the client and then they’ll actually respect you for that instead of making up some answer that doesn’t make any sense or that’s untrue and then from there you have real problems because uh you’re basically giving them false information which is almost like misrepresentation just because you didn’t know when you wanted to just not be incorrect or sorry you wanted to try to be correct so it’s best to just go get the answer and come back it’s that easy so let’s do this hamilton run after that we’re gonna do a niagara run i’m gonna eat my apple i’m also gonna i’m just gonna eat this to gentle this is just a quick fix because it’s so early in the morning right now got myself a little protein shake too got my water and all this like it’s just a quick fix we’re actually gonna stop and get lunch at some point but for a sunday this this is early for me so what’s happening it’s 9 24. i’m missing church i’m missing crawling out of my bed late i’m missing everything today at this point i actually don’t show properties anymore where i barely show properties i don’t really show properties a lot however like i was saying before you have specific clients who just want to deal with you and no one else and that’s because of the trust factor that was built over time or they sent they were sent by a referral and that referral says only deal with corey no one else only deal with cory so you know uh i i actually like that fact i enjoy it however the showing part for me you know after like 13 years of doing the business it just becomes you know it just becomes something i’m you know i don’t really like doing anymore but for the client i’ll do whatever it takes to get the deal done i’ll never i’ll never sleep on my client so here we are at a home in hamilton located on barton street um my client’s gonna be coming in very shortly we’re gonna take a look at this house see if it’s something he’s interested in let’s get the lights on  so we can get a good visual of what’s really going on they have some renovations done here nothing crazy but um it looks pretty decent so we’ll take a look  yeah you could redo it a little bit of work but you could definitely redo it i would it looks like they tried looks like they tried but the lot is nice um it doesn’t have to be ripped down first house where you don’t have to rip the shed down  smells weird something something’s not right i don’t know what it is but yeah like you think there’s their bodies definitely not no no no i’m thinking more lines along that more along the lines of mold it looks nice from the outside but you know yeah i definitely wouldn’t do it  no no you’d have to find the source of that issue because the leak the roof looks good but you know under that roof you don’t know what it looks like exactly the sheathing could be rottening there could be mold up there lack of insulation lack of ventilation it could be all that stuff sold  so the next one is uh 11 o’clock 112 walter he wants to know if we could come between 10 and 10 30. so i’m gonna text him now find out what he says uh we are at barton right now so i’m guessing maybe 10 minutes or so okay okay no worries even if you’re not there we’ll wait for you because our next appointment isn’t until 11 anyway so we could drive over take a quick look at it and see what happens okay awesome i’ll see you in a bit paul this property right away i can tell as soon as i walked in i could send some musty smell um that musty smell could be some sort of leak somewhere it could be potential mold it could be could honestly be anything you really don’t know what it’s going to be until you do a full inspection however uh when i was younger my parents actually bought a house that had mold in it and uh we all got sick no one knew that there was more than did an inspection inspector didn’t even say anything about it it was it was pretty evident after everyone started getting sick so it’s funny because one of the reasons i actually got into real estate because the realtor that sold this house to my parents didn’t even do his due diligence in um in in getting a thorough inspection on the property like he basically um got this inspector he was in the house like five minutes first property my parents ever bought absolutely no experience purchasing properties and this guy just sold them the house and it was it was pretty much a gut job so i got sick my brother got sick my sister got sick my mom and dad got sick we all got sick living in this house i think that year i probably missed over like 50 days of school i still passed however um i never want a family to have to go through a situation like that and this is kind of why i got into real estate because i believe that there are some there’s still some great realtors out there and i’ve always wanted to be one of them i love the fact that they put lower windows i would just like to know that they won’t leak in the winter yeah because there’s no there’s no gutter for it right yeah so that’s something you’d probably have to look into it’s not bad though i actually like it okay hamilton homes are for shorter people that’s crazy how an app could tell you what a tree is a horse chestnut are you kidding me are you kidding me yeah man you take a picture of the leaf and it tells you what type of tree it is it’s a horse chestnut tree apparently they really seem to like that last house to be honest i personally like that last house it has a lot of character and um i don’t just buy a house because of you know it’s just a nice house no it has to have character there’s got to be something about that house that drives me or that gives me that um to want to buy it one thing that i actually thought was really attractive which i’ll probably do in my own house soon is uh they had an eight foot fence in the backyard but what i loved about the fence is it transitioned from six to seven to eight feet instead of placing the i don’t know if it’s cedar wood or whatever type of wood he used usually it’s placed vertically so in this case they placed it horizontally which makes it look like a home in like out of california or something so i might go home and start buying some more than placing it horizontally on my fence i mean you already did exactly i might as well continue the trend yeah i might as well continue to trend why not there’s something going on here some police over there welcome to hamilton baby  neighbors are nice nice and far away that’s what’s that’s what’s nice about it they got the they got the home grown they got the homegrown going on the neighbors next you

Client property viewings – Part 1 – Cory McNaught

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