it’s my birthday and you know i’m just kind of enjoying another year living on earth it’s raining like crazy you know it’s my birthday week we had a couple great days a couple rainy days but i i still can’t complain in the grand scheme of things i’m here here i’m alive you know for my birthday you know we’ve got this little lamborghini huracan you know small but very powerful and uh i’m enjoying every bit of it to be honest i’ve driven a lot of cars and i’ve driven a lot of fast cars this one in particular this one’s probably one of the fastest i would say in particular this one has my heart so right now we’re um just left the office we’ve been doing some work all day um so now we’re gonna head uh downtown i got some new suits you know get fitted the whole works custom suits and we’re gonna we’re gonna see see how it goes gonna see what it do being very positive is part of business especially when you’re self-employed positivity is the key without positivity you could forget even getting any sales or getting clients or bettering yourself for that matter that means the weights are too light so you got to keep lifting heavy  see when i’m checking my blind spot like you can’t see anything you literally have to look out the roof just to see where you’re going arrived i’m gonna brush my hair and then we’re gonna take our clothes out of the trunk in the front so uh we’re at ceremony right now um rico still got me up some suits we already ordered the suits now it’s just a matter of trying them on making them make sure they fit so uh rico just went downstairs to get me this blue suit it should look real shmazzy i can’t wait to try it out it’s gonna be awesome okay so for this suit i feel like i want to take this out just a tiny bit see how it’s bunched up top five things to do drive a lamborghini sell a house custom suits get a rolex thank god every day  today we got three suits um all custom you know so i could go meet some business clients and uh you know make it happen out here that’s that’s the goal that’s the plan sometimes we need a plan it’s because he’s settled

Birthday week shenanigans I Cory McNaught

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